Before you take him from me, just-
1. Remind him of how much you love him. Remind him a lot. He forgets how special he is.
2. There are going to be many, many nights where his eyes are so sad, but he won’t cry. Please notice that he is sad. Look him in the eyes and kiss him. Take the pain away.
3. Hold him. He likes to be held, too. There have been times where he was so broken inside that I could feel myself putting his bones back together as I hugged him tight.
4. Kiss his neck. Kiss his neck when you want to turn him on and when you are winding down. Either way, it’s his favorite.
5. On nights where he goes out with his friends, he’s going to drink too much. He’s going to stumble into the house and call you immediately. Answer the phone and listen to him slur a series of breathy “I love you“‘s into the phone. Realize how lucky you are to be the only thing on his mind while there were tons of girls throwing themselves at him at the party he just left.
6. Go to the beach with him. Even if you hate it. If you want to see him truly happy, spend the day in the water with him.
7. He doesn’t like speaking about his father. But if it ever comes up in conversation, it will not be positive. Just listen. Tell him it’s okay when he starts rambling about how much he resents him. Tell him you love him.
8. Laugh at his stupid jokes. Those are what you will miss most when he’s gone, trust me.
9. Please realize how lucky you are. Listen, loving him is not easy, I know. But God, it is so worth it.
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I certainly don’t see myself as a celebrity. Why would I? I understand we’re in a high-profile band, but so what? In a way, I’m not even sure there is a specific thing as a celebrity. You shouldn’t really have a tag just because you’re on telly or sing songs or act in films. I don’t think it’s even a cool tag to have, not like being a doctor or nurse or fireman, jobs like that. So it always bemuses me when people say they want to be a celebrity.
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"As you guys know, by now I was also in a relationship with Perrie Edwards, someone very special to me - and so that was hard. When you’ve met someone who means so much to you, being away from them for long periods of time is really difficult. In August 2013 we got engaged - I know people are really interested in the details and our plans together, but I always prefer to keep that private. It’s just my nature to be like that. Back then, on tour for such a long spell, I missed Perrie really badly so there were times when, on a personal level, I was feeling pretty deflated." - Zayn talking about Perrie in the Who We Are book